We are an Austrian based Foley studio designed to serve one purpose: enhancing your story. In our 2,000 square foot foley recording studio we handcraft the sounds you will enjoy mixing. For cueing and editing we use our 320 square foot 5.1 mixing room.

Feet, Props and Cloth – that’s what we love creating.

About us

Behind the sounds

Welcome to our Foley Stage. On 2000 square feet we handcraft the sounds that will help you tell your story. With our recordings we sharpen characters, we craft sonic reality and to be blunt, we sometimes just fill the gaps within your soundtrack.


What we love doing here is making our listeners believe, that we create sounds on the exterior. Our cloth sounds are refined textures that fit to the character and the on screen clothing. The props we use are sometimes refreshingly absurd, sometimes just what it takes to make the pictures sound true.

Shows we worked on


Shows that we created sounds for


We have proven content security for our clients


Secure file transfer, CCTV, encripted hard drives: Ask about our on site safety measures

On time delivery

There has not been a single deadline that we missed and we are in business since 2013

Team players

We are happy collaborators and love working in teams Horst and Eli in Klangkulisse studios

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